about warbirdtees

Started to be an airplane enthousiast when i was about 11 years old. Day in day out at the fences of airbase Leeuwarden to do “planespotting”.

Seen the arrival of the F-16, the departure of the F-104, the F-5 and many more planes in the RNLAF.

Loving planes in common, the technique, the massivity, the raw power, elegance and pure speed.

It still runs through my vains and now i’m capable of making it touchable in apparel. I’m teaming up with peter van Stigt, the well known military airplane artist who is so damn good iin making his art with photoshop.

Most of the designs will be designed by Peter or overviewed by Peter (if I get sometimes extreme creative šŸ˜‰ I’m mostly responsible for transfering his artwork into something that can be printed on garments.

If you have some design of your own and want to transfered to garment send me a mail, i see what I can do for you.

Kind regards,


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