40 years F-16 in service Royal Netherlands Airforce KLu


F-16 Fighting Falcon 40 years in service at RNLAF.

Great top quality black shirt with print on front, print on back and two RNLAF roundels at both sleeves.

Buy this collectors item and wear it proudly



Forty years after the first F-16A was handed over to the KLu (Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF)) the special tail was shown to the public. this special tail is designed by the famous Peter van Stigt.
40 years, who had expect that in 1979 when the first F-16B J-259 was flown from the Fokker Plant at Schiphol to Amsterdam by pilot W.Sneek.
The nimble, can do it all Fighter-Attack plane was called “Fighting Falcon”. Later on the more familiar name “Viper” is used. In the USA there are over 4500 build in various version and in use all over the world. from F-16A and twinseater F-16B from block1 till block20 and F-16C and F-16C till block 62. The Dutch Air force bought 213 F-16’s and a big part of them became F-16AMLU and F-16B MLU. MLU stands for Mid Life Update. It got an improved engine, improved electronics, better Avionics, computers and the weapons it can carry are updated. except for the M61 Vulcan six barrel cannon you already have seen. For example in its predecessor F-104 Starfighter and the twin engine F-15. It is the workhorse of many Air forces around the globe and will be seen in the skies untill 2050 or even later.

The f-16 in service at the RNLAF is nearing its end and will be replaced by the F-35, but it wasn’t to late to honor it with a special tail design. You all have seen it flying during the Dutch National Air Force Days at Volkel (#LMD19) or seen pictures on Facebook or maybe even on the livestream during #LMD19.

This wonderful design is now for sale on a perfect Quality black T-shirt. On the front a design by Peter v Stigt. The design of the tail is the same as the design of the tail. On the sleeves you find the roundel of the RNLAF and on the back of the shirt we’ve put the complete plane, to make the shirt a perfect collectors item. But you can wear it of course, wear it proud.

From every sold item we donate a part to the Foundation that helps our war heroes.

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