A-10 Hawg Territory T-shirt


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The A-10 HAWG Territory in the place called where the A-10A Thunderbolt II is at its best. It is known for its ruggedness, its capacity to carry a lot of weapons. but most of all because of its impressive GUA-8 rotating gun with an enormous firepower.

Designed in the ’70s as a battle field operation airplane a so called CAS (Close Air Support). designed around the massive GUA-8 gun that has ammunition as large as 1 liter milk bottles and makes, when fired, the distinguished BBBRRRRTTTT sound. Made to fly low and slow to be very helpful in tank-battles but needs a lot of ruggedness to survive in this kind of situations.

And rugged it is. The pilot is placed in some kind of a bathtub of titanium to withstand bullets fired upon. The engines are placed on top of the plane and are interchangable, so is the tailsection. It controls are triple redundant. So if it get hit it still will be in control to give the pilot a chance to get back to a safe place.. Thats why the battlefiels is callen A-10 HAWG Territory!

Its multiple times nominated to be replaced, but time after time it has proven its usefulness in action. Nowaday the generals say the F-35B will replace it.


In honor to this beautiful plane this Tshirt. Like the A-10 this shirt is also made to last. 100% cotton 185grams thick and durable. Because there is only one master in HAWG territory. Buy it now!

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