F-104 Starfighter RNLAF roundel


The RNLAF F-104G Tshirt. Front side with the roundel of the RNLAF(Royal Netherlands Air Force) (Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu))with the big F-104 silhouette in the middle and a lot of smaller F-104 silhouettes around it.

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F-104 Starfighter RNLAF roundel Tshirt is made specially to honor the F-104G of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.(Koninklijke Luchtmacht)

The front had the Dutch roundel with centered a large F-104. Together wit a lot of smaller F-104 silhouettes to complete the picture. If you take the time to count the silhouettes you will be surprised šŸ˜‰

At the back of the shirt the details of the F-104 in RNLAF service are mentioned together with the Lockheed logo of those days.

Entering service in 1962 and retired at 1984, the Starfighter was 22 years a very important part to contribute in the “cold war” as for intercepting, low level tactical attack and reconnaissance.

The F-104G was a mighty weapon in the hands of well trained aviator. TheĀ  special RF-104G with build in camera’s (the canon was removed) where bought for the 306 squadron. They had a specialty in aerial photography. Later on the DutchĀ  “Old Delft Industry” made a special “Orpheus” pod that could be placed under the belly of the plane and deliver much better pictures then could be made by the Original camera’s of the RF-104.

F-104G’s where stationed at Leeuwarden airbase [322 and 323 sq] and at Volkel [311 and 312 sq, and 306 sq with the RF-104G]. All squadrons F-104G’s where in the eighties replaced by F-16’s as for 306sq the specially made RF-16. The RF-16 made the 306 not only suitable for Recon, but also for all other missions, because the F-16 was almost identical to the normal F-16A.

In this roundel you see a silhouette of the F-104 with no tanks or rockets attached. The Air Defense squadrons at Leeuwarden preferred this clean version, but it normally had tiptanks and two wingtanks. Underneath the cockpit there was a possibility to mount two AIM 9 sidewinders. You could place the Orpheus pod right under the belly. Bombs could be carried under the wings where it was possible to use only one side for a bomb and the other side a wing tank.

The “print” is made with four different colors of plotted flex-film and pressed on a first class, top quality T-shirt . All for durability and comfort. You can choose dark rich Black or Dark grey colors.

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