F-15 Eagle air superiority


McDonnel-Douglas F-15 Air Superiority Fighter.

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The McDonnell-Douglas F-15 eagle is developed as an air Superiority fighter.

It it introduced in 1974, operational since 1976 and still in operation and there is even new production the F-15X in the pipeline.

Started as an F-15A and F-15B version where the B version is the 2 person trainer version.
Previous aircraft where names TF and the F-15 started as a TF-15A. This is changed to F-15B. Since then all trainers have the next following letter in the alphabet then the singleseater*. Later its has undergone major improvements and the new planes where called F-15C and F-15D where the D was the trainer.

But there was need for a strike-fighter and the competition was between the F-16XL and the F-15 E Strike Eagle. The Strike Eagle won the competition and 385 F-15E where build. Because of the strike capability all F-15E are two-seaters, in front the pilot and in the back the WSO  (Weapon System Officer).

Version: F-15A, B, C, D, E, K, SE, TF-15A, RF.

total build: 1650

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*= With the new JSF F-35 there is no more two-seater and the letter is now designating the model..

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