Grumman F-14 Tomcat any time Baby




The Grumman F-14 Tomcat has become famous because of the movie “Final Countdown”. Later on the Movie Topgun, With Tom Cruise made him unforgettable.  This fighter for the US NAVY was equipped with the Phoenix Missile. this missile was able to shoot down planes over 100km away.

It has swing-wings and operated from aircraft carriers as a fleet defender. The radar could track over 30 planes till a distance of 200km. Because of the very sophisticated radar the Tomcat was standard 2 man crew. In front the pilot and behind him the WSO Weapon System Officer.

The F-14A is later upgraded to the F-14B. At the end of his flying life its further modernized to F-14D

It has two engines, two man crew and swing-wings. the swing wings makes the plane better manouverable with the wings in forward position. This makes it easier to land on a Aircraft carrier. With the wings swept backwards it creates less drag at high speeds.

It could carry a maximum of 6 Phoenix missiles. beside these six it carries two sparrows and two sidewinders. And at the left side of the hull a six barrel M61 Vulcan gun.


This shirt is part of the Tshirt lineup with all khaki garment. Designed by Peter v Stigt. With a wink to the F-14 slogan “any time baby” he has combined this beautiful plane with a nice pin-up on the patch. You can see the F-4 as predecessor of the F-14.

Go and buy this beautiful shirt.

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