Robin Olds I am a warrior


Robin Olds the famous F-4 Phantom fighter pilot with the moustache. buy this shirt and wear it with pride.

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If you have a design with the Phantom, you also have to make one with Robin Olds. Robin Olds, in fact a World war 2 veteran, had come to Vietnam. In Vietnam the air dominance of the American pilots was poor. In all honesty it influenced the moral of the troops. He was a fox and he had never flown a F-4 Phantom before.  Actually he had to train himself to get familiar with the fighter.

He changed the way they normally worked and outsmarted the enemy with there fast and agile planes.
He is a legend and an ACE. And shot down 4 enemies, but he said “If the Phantom had a gun it probably could “have been 900”


The advantage of the mighty Phantom was its raw power. It was not a plane with a tight turning circle but it could escape like a rocket. straight up into the blue. The war in fact opened the eyes of the leaders and the next generation planes where all fitted with a gun. Check the F-15, f-16 and F-18. not only a gun, but also very fast and extremely good in dogfights. The Phantom however, was not worthless because they are still flying with it. Japan is saying goodbye to the Phantom and the end of 2019, but in turkey they are still in operational service.

All this bravery is combined in this wonderful design from Peter van Stigt. He made a serie of designs and many more will follow.


Buy this wonderful shirt if you are a Robin Olds fan or a Phantom fan.

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