one o four ever F-104 Limited edition


Dutch Starfighter Foundation F-104  “ONE-O-FOUR EVER” limited edition T-shirt. Best quality(185 grams 100% cotton) and with puchasing this shirt you contribute to the restauration of the Dutch Starfighter D-8114

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The Sound of freedom F-104 starfighter

History of F-104

First of all The F-104 Starfighter is for a lot of people in western Europe “The Sound of Freedom” because it was the backbone of Europe’s defense. During the sixties, seventies and early eighties its sound and appearance is also legendary. This brilliant design of the famous “Kelly Johnson”, originally designed as a interceptor, but in Europe widely used for Air-To-Ground attacks. In some countries a special RF version was used as low flying reconnaissance plane.

A foundation named “Dutch Starfighter Foundation” (DSF) has its goal set to get the F-104 D-8114 running again complete with an engine even more a reason to buy the shirt. The next goal will be a flying species. The flying species would be perfect if it would be an TF-104, but thats for later.

First step is a F-104G in a top shape to get it up and running (not flying). For this achievement there’s a need of money, a lot of money. Money collected by sponsors, gifts and merchandise. This T-shirt is one of the merchandise items that will be used to raise funds.

Supporting the Dutch Starfighter Foundation

To give there financial balance a kick Peter van Stigt, a famous dutch Photoshop artist with a specialty in “airplanes”, has contributed a bunch of beautiful artist impressions of the beautiful F-104.

To get a step up, and Peter van Stigt teamed up and designed a LIMITED EDITION “One-O-Four ever” T-shirt. 85% of the profit goes to the DSF (Dutch Starfighter Foundation”)

Its limited so the maximum ammount of T-shirts we will make is 104 pieces. All are numbered from 001/104 to 104/104.

the T-shirts are dark grey UNI model, top quality tees, with a silvergrey and orange flexprint on the front “ONE-O-FOUR ever with the silhouette of the F-104”

On the back the limited edition number, “limited edition” text, a bigger text “J-79 sound of freedom” in silvergrey and a orange outlined silhouette of the F-104.
On the left arm the DSF patch.

This is really a limited edition because we will not be making this shirt in another run. So be as fast as a starfighter and buy this shirt now.

the Dutch Starfighter Foundation can be found on this website DSF-Dutch Starfighter Foundation

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Extra informatie

Gewicht 300 g
Afmetingen 30 × 20 × 5 cm
Color apparel

Neck shape


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