Phabulous F-4 Phantom


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The Phabulous F-4 Phantom

The Phabulous F-4 Phantom is Designed in the sixties of the 20th century as a “missile platform” for Navy and the USAF. A F-4 Phantom is a 2 seats fighter jet and is equipped with missiles and no gun. Because the philosophy was that missiles where becoming so good that it wasn’t useful to have an on-board gun like previous planes had.

The phantom has two engines, the J-79 engine like the F-104 Starfighter. Used by the USAF, NAVY, Marines, RAF, Royal Navy, Germany, Japan, Greece, Turkey and many more. Its very powerfull as a result it got a lot of records like speed and climb rate under its belt. Because of his ruggedness its famous among there crews.

Vietnam war

In Vietnam the losses where big (in contrast to the Korean war) and the mighty phantom with its rockets looked like its not the solution. The North Vietnamese new the Phantom was capable of shooting them down easily and they rather hunted the F-105 Thunderchief. This was an Air-to-Ground attack plane and could carry huge amounts of bombs but was no match for the small and nimble MIG-21.

As a result combat training like Top-Gun and Red Flag Where developed. Fresh pilots could be trained to get experience in a less harsh environment, With this training the kill ratio of the USAF and NAVY pilots has gone up and became more similar to previous conficts..

A well known pilot “Robin Olds”, probably known as the fighterpilot with the moustache, finally came up with some clever ideas to lure the MIG’s into a battle. He gave the F-4 Phantom finally the glory it deserved and made the Phantom the “MIG parts distributor”. His moustache is still probably the example for fighterpilots. Sometimes fighterpilots let grow their moustache too when they are operating over enemy territory during a deployment.

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